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Sustainable Cladding

LAMISYSTEM consists of an innovative team with the highest standards, using advanced technology to bring the highest quality to the construction and interior design industry. We work meticulously and that is why our 2mm thick, flexible and lightweight stone cladding is considered to be one of the most reliable products on the market. 


"Fast, flexible and easy to cut without generating waste"


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LAMISYSTEM is a state-of-the-art product that reproduces the same appearance, texture, hardness and color as natural stone.

The materials we use and our production process do not generate waste, having LamiSystem a high ecological value. Due to its light weight and low volume, it contibutes to reducing the emsission of gases during transportation. 



LAMISYSTEM  is particulary suitable for interior and exterior wall cladding. It is very easy to fit on all types of flat, irregular or curved surfaces, even on arches and columns.You only need to apply our special adhesive on the back of our stone sheets and fit them directly over different constructive systems such as SATE, brick or concrete blocs, wood, plaster, projected cork, etc.





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